Learning Extension

Genazzano endeavors to cultivate curiosity, encourage questioning, inspire creativity and promote a mindset of growth. To prepare students to shape the future, it is essential to equip them with a solid foundation of learning and research and a serious approach to their academic development. Genazzano promotes activities that extend students’ learning experiences, imagination and academic pursuits.

ISN Genazzano Institute Essay Competition Winners!

Genazzano Institute is a proud partner of the Institue for Social Neuroscience and we share a common goal in promoting student interest in areas of learning and neuroscience.  We are delighted to announce the winners of the ISN Genazzano Institute essay competition.  Th competition was open to all Genazzano students in Years 10-12 and the topics were: ‘Discuss environmental impacts on psychological processes’ or ’Conflict in the world: Explore this through the lens of evolutionary and behavioural psychology.’ Well done to all students who entered.  The entries were of a very high calibre and we congratulate:

Romy Turner (Year 11) – 1st Prize: $500

Matilda Curtain (Year 10) – 2nd Prize: $300

Brianna Mercer (Year 11) – 3rd Prize: $200

Thankyou to ISN for hosting this competition and providing generous prizes.  

ISN VCE Psychology Masterclasses

In support of the Genazzano Institute, The Institute for Social Neuroscience hosted free VCE Psychology Masterclasses for students in the September holidays.  A big thankyou the expert academic staff from to ISN for their time and comprehensive preparation of this material to support students in exam preparation!  Visit the ISN website for information about their undergraduate programs in Clinical Psychology. www.isn.edu.au


Genazzano Institute Schools Competition:  Explain the Brain 2017 ​

​ ​Want to know more about the amazing human brain and its functions? Then ‘Explain the Brain’ is the event for you! An initiative of the Genazzano Institute of Learning ​and Brain Sciences and proudly supported by Education Perfect and ISN, this event is specifically designed for high school students, in any subject area, to encourage their curiosity and spark their passion for the brain and brain health!

The purpose of ‘Explain the Brain’ is to promote an interest and understanding of the brain, brain health and learning. Students are invited to create and submit an original infographic to highlight, explain or promote an aspect of learning or brain health.  ​

Create your infographic to explain an aspect of the brain, learning or brain health by Oct 31st!

Click HERE for more information.

Click HERE to enter!

Thanks to our sponsors ISN and Education Perfect.



VCE Psychology Masterclasses - FREE Register through ISN

In partnership with Genazzano FCJ College, the Institute for Social Neuroscience will be running revision lectures for Psychology Units 3 & 4, taught by lecturers from ISN Psychology starting October 2017. Each session will  will include:

4 Hours dedicated to each unit of studyPractical preparation to help you draw connections between core conceptsA+ Exam notes to help with your revisionClear guide to understanding exam questions and how to answer them best

1 October 2017, 9.30am – 1.30pm – VCE Masterclass (Psychology) Unit 3

8 October 2017, 9.30am – 1.30pm – VCE Masterclass (Psychology) Unit 4

Venue: The Madeleine Centre, Genazzano FCJ College, 301 Cotham Road, Kew

Click HERE for more information and to register

2017 Deakin University Awards

Year 9 students completed personal research projects.  They were required to research deeply using multiple sources; to be creative and innovative; to produce a product or original concept; to work  independently; to present their work; to manage time and deadlines, and, to connect with others in order to develop their work.

 Deakin University the supported the girls' learning with guidance on research and Awards for Creativity, Research, Product and Honorable Mentions. We are grateful to Deakin for their generosity in supporting the program and sponsoring the Deakin Awards. Congratulations to all of our prize winners!

    ​ ​​


STEM Innovation - BrainSTEM Competition


Congratulations to the Genazzano Team who were selected to present the 'BrainSTEM' project at the 4th Annual STEM Education Conference in Sydney following a successful presentation at Swinburne.  The students developed skills in research, chemistry, mathematics, design, communication, teamwork and engineering. 

        ​ ​​

Their creation ‘The Sugar Straw’ purposes to reduce sugar in commercially available drinks, thereby making them healthier.  The students successfully utilised activated charcoal to remove a whopping 86% of glucose from water and designed a straw prototype.  Could the ‘Sugar Straw’ be the next big thing? Thanks to Brainstem and Swinburne for this incredible opportunity.

2017 Australian Brain Bee Challenge

The 2017 Brain Bee Challenge is open for Year 10 students.  The aim of the challenge is for students to build knowledge in the area of neuroscience, brain function and neurological health. Congratulations to students who made it through Round 1 to compete in the 2017 State Finals at The Brain Centre, Melbourne University and to tour the DAX gallery, research labs and the restricted Anatomy museum.

Research and Invention

The Year 9 program has an emphasis on promoting research skills for deeper learning, investigation, critical thinking and analysis.  Students undertake a significant individual project with the support of College mentors and Deakin University staff, or participate in the Girls Invent Program. The aim is to develop critical skills and confidence and to inspire students to pursue higher learning, to innovate and to create inventions or products. 

VCE Biology Genetics Workshop at the University of Melbourne.

Loading walls for gel electrophoresis and examining dorsophilia!


Science & Art:  Co-curricular 3D Printing

The 3D print club invites Year 10 students to join to learn more about this exciting area of technology that can be used for art, design and science education.  Science and art students come together to create three dimensional prints of science forms such as cells, DNA etc. and create art or design objects. Jo Saville and Sue Whelan.

Animal cell produced by students with 3D printer