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Prepare for Exams with a High Performance Mindset!

As we head into the November/ December exam period following a very unusual and challenging year, we wish all students the best for final exams.

Understanding the influence of a person’s mindset on their actions, emotions and physiological responses can offer amazing insights into performances.  This is true in many areas of life including those such as sports, the Arts, business, public speaking and certainly exams. The next step is to take that knowledge and to translate it into helpful actions that improve performances.

Genazzano FCJ College has been designing and delivering unique programs in Performance Psychology education for well over a decade.  The following 4-part series published over the last month in Nature Partner: Science of Learning highlights how key strategies used to successfully enhance sports performances can also be beneficial for students to employ when approaching exams!

Links below:

Part 1: From the footy finals to the final exams: Lessons from Sports for Peak Performance

Part 2: Exams Ahead? The mental game matters

Part 3: Visualisation – It’s like weight lifting for the brain!

Part 4: Get ready, get set… there’s no substitute for preparation!