The Brain at School: Improving Student Drawing

Zara McKenzie writes about using technology and Science of Learning to engage students and improve outcomes

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Girls Invent throws out the genderised rule book!

“Dad, why are most inventors men? Zuckerberg, Gates, Branson, Edison … where are the women?” The question struck a nerve for social innovator and business leader Mark Glazebrook – and then the gnawing realisation set in. Read More..

Sarah Duggan Education HQ, Oct 2018

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Professional Learning through Genazzano Institute 2018-2021

Genazzano Teachers undertake a course in Science of Learning to understand the neuroscientific principles underpinning learning and to apply ideas creatively in classrooms.

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Prep Literacry Project ISV 2017-2018

This highly interactive project will focus intensively on literacy and on language for superior teaching and learning outcomes.

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Research at Genazzano: Connecting Readers

Research undertaken by Genazzano Head of Library and Information, Julia Petricevic, showed that peer recommendation was found to be an effective way to help students select books to read!

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Engagment in Learning: Promoting Flow

Flow Theory is premised on the belief that learning best occurs when students engage in activities that combine challenge, excitement and require peak performance. Also known as ‘being in the zone’ the person in the state of flow feels energized, challenged, enjoyment, focused, competent and fully immersed in the task.

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Science of Learning Schools Partnership University of Melbourne 2018

Genazzano is delighted to be working with the University of Melbourne as part of the Science of Learning Schools partnership.

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