Extended Learning at Genazzano

Genazzano endeavors to cultivate curiosity, encourage questioning, inspire creativity and promote a mindset of growth. To prepare students to shape the future, it is essential to equip them with a solid foundation of learning and research and a serious approach to their academic development. Genazzano promotes activities that extend students’ learning experiences, imagination and academic pursuits.

Inspiring Research and Innovation

The Year 9 program has an emphasis on promoting research skills for deeper learning, investigation, critical thinking and analysis.  Students undertake a significant individual project with the support of College mentors and Deakin University staff, or participate in the Girls Invent Program. The aim is to develop critical skills and confidence and to inspire students to pursue higher learning, to innovate and to create inventions or products.


Science & Art:  Co-curricular 3D Printing

The 3D print club invites Year 10 students to join to learn more about this exciting area of technology that can be used for art, design and science education.  Science and art students come together to create three dimensional prints of science forms such as cells, DNA etc. and create art or design objects. Jo Saville and Sue Whelan.

Animal cell produced by students with 3D printer


STEM Innovation Challenge

5 Year 10 students have been selected to participate in in the 2017 BrainSTEM challenge where are working with a University mentor to design an innovation to solve a real world problem. 


Education Perfect World Series 2017



Genazzano Institute Schools Competition:  Explain the Brain 2017

Create a short video to explain or demonstrate an aspect of learning, brain function, health or condition. Further information COMING SOON!

Sponsored by ISN and Genazzano FCJ College

2017 Australian Brain Bee Challenge.  

The 2017 Brain Bee Challenge is open for Year 10 students.  The aim of the challenge is for students to build knowledge in the area of neuroscience, brain function and neurological health as well as careers in neuroscience.