Celebrating Neurodiversity - It takes all kinds of different minds!

Thu 19 Mar 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Genazanno Institute and Neurodiversity Hub in collaboration with NCWeek present...

EVENT: Celebrating Neurodiversity!

Tips to promote a positive learning environment for ALL LEARNERS!
  • Guest speaker, Beth Radulski - La Trobe University
  • Featuring live video appearance from UK teen activist and Neurodiversity Week founder, Siena Castellon!
  • Neurodiversity resources and refreshments available.

Thursday 19 March, 7.00pm to 8.30pm 

Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts
Genazzano FCJ College, 301 Cotham Rd Kew, VIC

 FREE ENTRY. ALL WELCOME. Please register

*This is a student led forum to promote celebrating strengths for ALL LEARNERS*. Support neurodiversity & learn more!


Artwork by Emily Rowland, Year 10.

Proudly Supporting Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Sponsored by Untapped Group and Genazzano FCJ College