About Genazzano Institute

Genazzano FCJ College values learning as enduring, liberating and transformative. Learning and Brain Sciences are rapidly advancing fields with critical implications for our students’ learning and futures.

Learning Sciences

An exciting interdisciplinary field focused on theory and practice to advance knowledge and innovation in learning and teaching. The work draws on evidence from various fields including: cognitive science, information technology, sociology, education, psychology, neurosciences and design studies. The focus is on improvement and innovation in learning, thinking, curriculum design, instruction and educational environments.

Brain Sciences

Specialise on researching the brain - its functions, organic structure, the nervous system, plasticity, disorders and health. The evolution of research in neuroscience has implications for teaching and learning practices.

Vision and Mission

To realize the full potential of every learner; to inspire a lifelong love of learning; to advance knowledge and practice; and to build a community of learners. The aims are to

  • Promote effective classroom strategies for learning growth  
  • Nurture curiosity, creativity, flexible thinking, innovation, collaboration, and problem solving through engaging and effective educational programs
  • Collaborate with leading academic and industry partners
  • Share information, research and experience with the wider community 

Frequently Asked Questions