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Research and Invention with Deakin and Girls Invent 2017!


The Year 9 program has an emphasis on promoting research skills for deeper learning, investigation, critical thinking and analysis.  Students undertake a significant individual project with the support of College mentors and Deakin University staff, or participate in the Girls Invent Program. The aim is to develop critical skills and confidence and to inspire students to pursue higher learning, to innovate and to create inventions or products.

2017 Deakin University Awards

Year 9 students completed personal research projects.  They were required to research deeply using multiple sources; to be creative and innovative; to produce a product or original concept; to work  independently; to present their work; to manage time and deadlines, and, to connect with others in order to develop their work.

 Deakin University the supported the girls' learning with guidance on research and Awards for Creativity, Research, Product and Honorable Mentions. We are grateful to Deakin for their generosity in supporting the program and sponsoring the Deakin Awards. Congratulations to all of our prize winners!