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Engagement in Learning: Promoting FLOW

Under the guidance of Dr Judith Paphazy, the Primary team has been researching and implementing pedagogical practices that actively promote Flow in the classroom. Based on the work of Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, and with its roots in Performance Psychology and Positive Education, Flow Theory is premised on the belief that learning best occurs when students engage in activities that combine challenge, excitement and require peak performance. Also known as ‘being in the zone’ the person in the state of flow feels energized, challenged, enjoyment, focused, competent and fully immersed in the task.

Teachers at Grange Hill strive to create learning environments that challenge all students and promote their wanting to learn while deriving both satisfaction and enjoyment from that learning. Genazzano is one of the first schools in Australia to apply Flow Theory to early childhood education. We are excited to further this work in 2018.