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Create a playlist to boost your mood!

Using music strategically to boost mood, release stress and express feelings

Gen Institute asked Professor Felicity Baker (Head of Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne) for her top tips to use music to balance mood!

When you’ve had a bad day at school or work, before engaging with others, take time out to listen to some music that you find matches your emotions at that time.  

If you feel angry, something with a strong beat will be useful – sing along with it (in private if you must!). 

If you are sad, choose something that helps you experience that feeling fully so you can release it. Music can be used here to match our emotional state. Once we feel connected through music, we can choose a different piece of music to regulate our emotional state. So try to find some music that will then bring you back to balance. 

Learn to observe your own responses to music rather than just having songs play in the background. 

  • Which songs lift you up when feeling flat? 
  • Which ones make you cry when you really feel a cry would be therapeutic and cathartic? 
  • And which songs might help you release pent up anger and energy?

Use these in strategic ways so that you can regain balance in your emotional state BEFORE you engage with others. This will reduce the likelihood of you being snappy or having arguments with siblings or parents.