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Top Tips from Mr Wall to 'Train the Brain'

Keep your brain fit with these tips

We asked Director of Sport, Mr Nick Wall, for his top tips to using exercise to boost brain function! As we head into summer holidays, Nick suggests the following key strategies to help keep your mind and body fit!  

  1. As you would prepare for an exam, a business meeting, or an important presentation set a desired outcome for your daily exercise. Goal orientated physical activity sets the stage for cognitive growth.
  2. Train in the morning where possible. It gets the brain working early in the day and prepares you for the mental challenges ahead. Much evidence also suggests early exercise boosts information retention.
  3. Ensure you have variation in your weekly workouts. We know that cardio workouts have a great impact on brain function and brain cell repair but low intensity activities such as Tai Chi or Yoga have also demonstrated significant similar stimulation of brain activity.
  4. Try and design your own HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuit in the gym or join a HIIT class. These workouts quickly raise your heart rate and importantly ensure your attention is always ‘on’ by constantly changing and adapting to the task. A great mental test!
  5. Exercise provides both direct and indirect benefits for the brain. Being more active gives you more energy, helps you sleep better at night and in turn, this improved sleep and increased recovery improves creativity and brain function.