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The Power of Fun

Inspired by the title of a new book by Catherine Price, The Power of FunI decided to dive in to learn about the importance of ‘fun’ and how we might increase this in our lives. 

Dr Travis Tae Oh explores this topic for Psychology Today. He believes that the experience of 'fun' is very individual, and can be experienced while participating in a myriad of activities from reading a novel, to exercising, travelling, being with others or hitting the dance floor. It is, he suggests, “an experience of liberating engagement” that “features an active involvement and immersion into an activity that is intended for pure enjoyment”.

With the pandemic, many people have reported that ‘having fun’ is something they have greatly missed. The imposed COVID-19 psychological and physical restrictions (social distancing, limits on movement, mask wearing) have certainly gone a long way to diminish people’s ability to experience the common day-to-day experiences and connections we had taken for granted.

Having fun gives us a mental and physical break. It allows us to relax and recharge. It creates positive memories and can keep us motivated to keep on with life’s journey.

Want to inject some regular fun into your family routine?  

Here’s the NUMBER 1 TIP: Reclaim that time spent on screens! We’ve spent more time than ever on screens replacing face-to-face interactions for work, school and our social catch-ups. We need to balance this out by making a purposeful decision to engage in ‘non-screen’ fun.

As a family, try creating your own ‘fun list’ and take turns to choose activities! 

My top picks (for this week):

  •  Mindful drawing or colouring with music – you can download beautiful colouring pictures from the internet or create your own. Set up a relaxing space and put on your favourite music.
  • Random acts of kindness - keep within the family or include neighbours, friends, relatives etc.
  • Mindful neighbourhood walking – choose a focus to notice e.g. plants, architecture, pets
  • Create a fun or informative podcast
  • Cooking - Try a new recipe or a family favourite
  • JustDancenow Get moving! Download the free app to follow the moves, or use any music of choice and dance freestyle!

If you are stuck for fresh ideas, here are some links to great resources to inspire you with fun activities for connection, laughter, movement and relaxation. These lists will be guaranteed to present you with some new ideas as well as old favourites.

Catherine Brandon, Genazzano Institute

The Power of Fun is a new book by Catherine Price is published by Penguin for release in December 2021. Catherine is leading a ‘funtervention’ in the lead up to the release of her book. You can read more or get involved here.