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Brain Boosting recipes from Deakin's Food & Mood Centre

Ditch the junk food and start eating for peak health and performance.

The Food & Mood Centre Recipes

The research is in! What you eat has a massive impact on brain function and mood. Ditch the junk food and start eating the right foods for peak health and performance.

Here are some quick and easy gut friendly recipes created by Deakin University's team at the Food and Mood Centre. Packed full of polyphenols and antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics and fermented foods, these will be great for gut, brain and body health!

The Food & Mood Centre at Deakin University is a world-leading, multi-disciplinary research centre that aims to understand the complex ways in which what we eat influences our brain, mood, and mental health. We are a team of world-class researchers from various backgrounds, studying the food-mood relationship at various levels, from microbiology to public health.